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  • “ProfitSystem’s contract management brings significantly more transparency”

    Birgit Otten, Contract Management,
    Vivaris Group

  • “It is to our benefit that, as an industry expert, merkarion speaks our language”

    Helmut Erdmann, spokesman,
    Ayinger Brauerei

ProfitSystem – All the answers for your sales

With ProfitSystem, you are giving your sales team access to an ultramodern CRM system. Its modular design can be precisely adapted to your specific requirements and ensures that it can also react flexibly to changes in the future. Support your sales team with all the necessary data – anytime, anywhere. The constantly updated information enables you to keep on top of everything. Integrate your sales office staff and marketing teams more closely in the sales processes, while benefiting from the comprehensive evaluation, planning and control features. Clear, flexible, straightforward. Allow us to introduce ProfitSystem.

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ProfitSystem adapts itself.
And to you.

There’s no need to battle with unnecessary features and overloaded interfaces. Instead, use a CRM system that adapts flexibly to your needs. Working together, we can determine your unique corporate profile. By choosing from a wide range of modules, we can then create a customised solution for your operations. And should your needs alter at some point down the road, ProfitSystem will simply respond to these changes.

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How does CRM work with ProfitSystem?

ProfitSystem ensures that the correct customer information is available to everyone at any time and in any location. Recent updates are swiftly distributed – even when on the road. This enables you to ensure synchronous cooperation between your management, sales office staff and field sales teams in the same way as the smooth communication with your partners and customers. And ProfitSystem is also very easy to use.

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Your benefits at a glance


ProfitSystem brings your sales processes up to maximum speed – both internally and with the customer. Your employees can enter new data in an instant, thereby ensuring that everyone is kept up-to-date. And all this in record time after initial training.



With ProfitSystem, you record all processes and information relating to each individual customer in a uniform format and store it in a central database. As a result, your employees are provided with an overview of all relevant information at any time and in any location.


Systematise the care of your customer relationships. Create an overview of appointments, agreements, costs and budgets. Focus your strengths, streamline your communication. In doing so, you enable the smooth cooperation of all participants.


More profitable

ProfitSystem enables you to precisely control your sales processes. By analysing individual customer data and key figures, you will soon identify where there are hidden opportunities and where action is needed – allowing you to optimise deployment of your resources.

Our priority is customer satisfaction.
These companies already rely on ProfitSystem.

merkarion transforms your sales into greater turnover, optimised costs and higher customer satisfaction.

More than 20 years of experience has taught us that every customer has different needs. Even within the same sector, there are sometimes major structural differences to consider.

As a long-term partner of the beverage industry, we know this. That is why, in ProfitSystem, we have developed a CRM software system that can be adapted to meet a wide range of requirements, yet remains easy to use.

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